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Six Step Research Method

  1. Choose a topic
  2. Narrow the focus
  3. Select Sources
  4. Gather Information
  5. Organize and analyze information
  6. Presentation
    1. Choose a topic- Define your task.  What do you want to know?  What kind of information do you need?
    2. Narrow the focus- What sources can you check?  What materials are available? Do you have a variety of sources?  Ex. Non-fiction, reference, on-line articles, web pages.
    3. Select sources- Where will you find the materials you need?  Through books, online, library?
    4. Gather information-  Take notes, provide a bibliography, (names of sources used), do not plagiarize (do not copy word for word, put information in your own words).
    5. Organize and analyze information- (The fancy word for that is synthesis) It means what’s the best way to put your information together, how will you organize your information and did you include everything you need for your report or research?
    6. Presentation- What do you think of your project?  How would you evaluate it? Was your research  successful?