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Langston Hughes School of Publishing and Fine Arts (LHS) thrives on academic excellence!  Its dedicated administration, faculty and staff are committed to preparing our students to compete in today’s global society.  LHS is a Pre-K through Grade 5 elementary school named in honor of James Mercer Langston Hughes. At Langston Hughes School, students flourish in both academics and fine arts. Within this structure, the curriculum of Language Arts Literacy, Mathematics, Fine Arts, and Technology are part of every student's daily schedule.

The newly-constructed three-story state-of-art educational facility includes space for approximately 600 students. The environmentally-friendly facility is designed for maximum efficiency. The Langston Hughes staff currently numbers 80, including classroom teachers, administrators, teacher-tutors, classroom assistants and custodial staff.

The Langston Hughes faculty is committed to planning and implementing activities embedded in best instructional practices that prepare our students for the challenges of mastering the NJ Core Curriculum Standards and the new Common Core Standards. At Langston Hughes, we plan lessons to address all modalities, with resources and technology enhancing the curriculum and challenging all learners. We continually assess students’ skills, to obtain the information necessary to create same and mixed ability small groups to address student deficiencies. In turn, teachers practice differentiated instruction in order to provide each student what they need and not just a “one size fits all” approach.

One of the strengths of the Langston Hughes School is the relationship of the school staff, PTA, parents/guardians, and community members.  Through their collaborative efforts, we present many fun and motivating programs each year.  A few examples include a Food and Clothing Drive, Annual Field Day/Picnic, Cultural Arts Assemblies and semi-annual Book Fairs.  We also create opportunities are also for leadership and participation in Student Council, School Newspaper, Reading Club, and various outreach programs.

The administration, faculty, support staff and parents of Langston Hughes School of Fine Arts are dedicated to developing students who demonstrate high achievement, enjoy learning, contribute to the community, and acquire skills for lifetime success.  As a result, the students of LHS become lifelong learners and become caring, compassionate, competitive 21st Century learners.

The LHS school community strives for excellence in every area of academics and community involvement. We also do our utmost to remain true to our vision statement which pledges to “create and maintain a safe, healthy, supportive school environment and provide quality educational programs that promote the academic success of every student and the professional growth of every staff member.”